Dear Sir/ Madam:

Simex Co., Ltd (sencraft – trademark) is fully understands as trust will be the foundation for the long term relationship, especially with well established of local handicraft manufacturers network.

We focussing on quality services with the variety of products such as spun bamboo, lacquerware, fern & rattan, wicker & water hyacinth, seagrass, creeper, recycle rubber planting pots, varous kinds of insenses and candles, etc. Including material for handicraft manufacturers as rattan, wicker, bamboo tree (max 6.0 m long in different diameters), creeper, etc.

Just let us know what you are looking for, an sourcing proposal will be sent for your review. After proposal to be reviewed, we suggest a follow-up meeting/ email correspondences where questions are to be answered.

Meanwhile, any comments and questions are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Jim Nguyen
Head of Sales;¬†Email: [email protected]